Director’s Message

Director's Message.....

We aimed at creating a safe space, correct supervision, and culturally aware, trained teachers who are knowledgeable about the early years foundation.
Today we can say with pride that successfully we have accomplished the vision we saw long back and assure you that we will move for advancement according to the basic needs to new generation.
We are grateful to all the parents who believed in us and to the teaching fraternity who shares their joy in nurturing the future of the nation.
I started this play school in 1998 with the vision that every student of the school should meet the physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs of his age..
It gives me immense pleasure to craft an environment in which every child is being nurtured to the extent of his/her capabilities. GSPS is not just a school but a family where management, parents and teaching fraternity as a team complement each other to achieve the common goal of child’s holistic development.
I envisage every Good Shepherdian facing every challenge of life, having smiles on their face. I am personally thankful to the teachers and parents to give shape to my vision and to the tiny soldiers our students who prove themselves the best problem solver and achiever.