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Yes, kids who don’t speak get benefited by joining the school. In Good Shepherd Pre School we do many activities which develop their verbal skills.
Since we know kids are too young and need assistance in eating, our teachers and nannies help them having their lunch. Slowly and gradually they are being trained to eat on their own as teachers inculcate good eating habits in them.
Admission of a child in the middle of the session depends upon the availability of seats.
Children are sensitive and we understand the separation anxiety a parent and child experience while leaving each other first time. Our admission counselor gives u various tips at the time of admission to combat yours and the child’s anxiety. Afterwards we follow a settlement schedule where we keep child for less time in initial days and slowly and gradually we increase their time. Teachers involve students in various fun activities to speed up the settlement. Teachers intimate you about the child’s adjustment in the class.
We provide various facilities for our day care children. They are provided with the meal and snacks. We have beds for children to take rest. We also organize various activities for children to increase their creativity.
Yes, if you want to get admission for your child in our school, you can secure admission at the time of birth of the child.
Parents are given the contact number of teachers in the starting of the session of their child. Parents can contact teacher after the school hours if they want to confirm something about their child. We conduct parent’s teachers meetings at regular intervals also.
We upload images of child’s activities of every class regularly on our Facebook page Good Shepherd Pre School & Day Care.
Our school arranges many competitions and activities in which parents participation is necessary. Although by preparing their child for the regular activities and functions, parents can take active involvement in school’s activities.
Absolutely, why not. Our curriculum provides everything a child needs at his early age. In GSPS, we train our children in a well planned way that he becomes well prepared for his admission in senior classes.

We follow scientific research proved activities in our curriculum. We have activities for all the areas of development including cognitive, social, motor, language, self help skills etc. We emphasize teaching through practical exposures, natural situations, pretend plays, dramatizations and various play way activities.

All the teachers who have done Nursery teacher training, JBT or B.ed are been appointed in our school. Moreover we provide regular training sessions to the teachers for their capacity building and to keep them updated about all the new teaching methodologies and to revive their teaching skills.
The school imparts toilet training by following a routine wherein a child is taken to the washroom when he reaches the school , before mealtime ,after mealtime and when he is leaving the school. Slowly and gradually the child falls into the pattern and starts informing the teacher and maids and when he feels the urge.
He/she will develop language skills through stories , poems, talking , drawing and painting and many other activities. Also they will develop large and small muscles through their play activities. Moreover they will be able to express themselves through art and music
In case child is sick or gets ill we request parents to keep emergency contact number updated so that we may respond as quickly as possible according the needs of the child .
Both the options are available. Mid day meal facility is available in the school which is optional and chargeable. We provide healthy and hygienic food from school. If you want to send food from home then it will be according to the menu given by the school.
We have an in house team of cooks who prepare vegetarian meals. The food is first tasted by our head for the quality check before it is served to children .
Each little event of life is celebrated with grandeur so as to provide opportunities to these aspiring tiny tots to perform confidently before large audiences and give you moments of pride as parents.

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